Patch Notes v0.4 – The Big Update

Update v0.4 – Weapon and Armor Customization, Weapon Types, Armor Skills, Drag and Drop skills

New Features

  • You now gain skills from your equipment
  • New Item: Course Correction – Rerolls an item’s granted skill
  • New Weapon Type: Focus – 1H item that grants a random non-bow skill and allows the use of staff-only spells
  • New Stat: Minion Damage – Scales all minion damage. Available only as a random implicit on staves and focuses. Can be rolled on any item with the use of Twists of Fate or Crescendos.
  • Your minions now heal while you meditate
  • Skills can now be reassigned on your hotbar with drag and drop
  • You can now sprint while out of combat by holding Shift
  • The Forgemaster’s shop is now filterable
  • You can now sell your items at merchants in town, Shift-click your items while at a shop to sell them quickly
  • You can now toggle Camera Lock with G
  • View the Stats UI with Tab
  • Destructible Icewastes Beta
  • Twist of Fate can now roll stats that are exclusive to other item types on any time (Attack Speed from Swords and Minion Damage from caster weapons)
  • You might be able to stand on your ally’s heads. I don’t know.

Nice Stuff

  • Most buffs are now instant and can be cast while channeling
  • The mana cost of skills which charge up scales with how much you charge up the ability
  • Blink now has a portal effect and sound effects
  • A sound now plays if breaking an item fails
  • Staff projectiles are now colored green
  • Meditating now plays a sound on activation
  • Chilled enemies now display a skin effect
  • You can now hold ALT to release the mouse
  • The following maps have received a color grading upgrade: Castle, Forest, Survival, Town, Boss


Castle now gives guaranteed loot per encounter
The Chilled effect now affects Attack Speed in addition to Movement Speed
Bows can now roll with Damage, Attack Speed, Crit Chance, or Crit Damage
Staves and Focuses can now roll with Damage, More Mana, Mana Regen, Lower Mana Cost, Cooldown Reduction, and Minion Damage
All creature AI has been improved (summons and enemies)
All boss base damage has been reduced to 75


  • Cryomancers now target all players with their special ability. This ability also now deals pure magic damage and provides an indicator that it even exists. The technology is here.
  • Volcanic Knights now telegraph the area of their Fire Nova while charging. This ability now deals pure magic damage. Volume of charge up sound increased.
  • Grunt Master now has a ranged attack.
  • Rampage’s Ground Slam animation has been slowed down and he can no longer move during the charge up. The radius of this attack has been increased from 600 to 800 to compensate and a damage zone indicator has been added.
  • Rampage’s Base Health reduced from 900 to 750, and Health per Level reduced from 225 to 180
  • Troll base damage reduced from 100 to 80
  • Increased the charge-up sound volume for Volcanic Knight’s Fire Nova


  • New Skill: Wreath of Vigilance Create a circle of power that regenerates 10% of you and your allies’ maximum health per second and increases all resistances by 25%.
  • New Skill: Consecration Create an area of fire that damages enemies for 30% of your combined weapon damage per second. Charge up to increase the duration to a max of 6 seconds.
  • New Skill: Thunder Step Teleport to a space in front of you. Create a lightning vortex where you arrive, dealing 75% of your combined weapon damage and pulling in nearby enemies.
  • New Skill: Frostblink Teleport to a space in front of you. Create an ice nova where you depart, dealing 50% of your combined weapon damage and Chilling enemies for 3 seconds.
  • New Skill: Aggravate For 6 seconds, taunt nearby enemies and gain Clarity, which increases your mana regen by 10 per second.
  • New Skill: Lightning Orb Create a ball of lightning that zaps all nearby enemies periodically as it travels for 50% of your combined weapon damage per second. Bounces off the environment but passes through enemies.
  • New Skill: Sinister Flare Launch a flaming projectile that embeds itself in the first enemy it hits. After 2.5 seconds, it explodes, dealing 200% combined weapon damage in an area around the target.
  • New Skill: Summon Spider Summon a spider to fight for you. Max 3 spiders. Minions benefit from your bonus damage, crit chance, crit damage, and bonus attack speed (not base attack speed).
  • New Skill: Summon Gypsy Summon a gypsy to fight for you from a distance. Max 3 gypsies. Minions benefit from your bonus damage, crit chance, crit damage, and bonus attack speed (not base attack speed).

Skill Changes

  • Minions are killed when their summon skill is removed
  • Ground Smash is now a 2H-exclusive charge-up ability that deals up to 250% weapon damage in an AoE and applies knockback. Damage, AoE size, and knockback amount all scale with charge. Movement disabled while charging. Now plays a sound effect while charging.
  • Shockwave is now 2H-exclusive.
  • AoEs now roll damage for each target hit, instead of applying the same damage to all targets
  • Avatar of Lightning was doing far more damage than intended, this has been fixed and visual and sound effects have been added on activation.
  • Cyclone damage increased from 35% to 50% of weapon damage and now lets you ignore collision with enemies while channeling
  • Lifestealer now drains 5% of damage dealt to enemies (down from 10%) but stores up to 50% of your maximum health (up from 25%). Visual and sound effects have been added on activation.
  • Execute now deals triple damage to targets below half health on the second hit
  • Fixed Vine Pull collision detection
  • Blizzard now works
  • Staff mana cost reduced from 75 to 25
  • Staff attack AoE now scales with Charge
  • Shockwave damage reduced from 100% to 85% of weapon damage
  • Ice Knife now requires a staff or focus and mana cost has been increased from 75 to 100
  • Nova Arrow has been renamed Rooting Arrow and plays a sound effect on impact
  • Cyclone now plays hit sounds for each target hit and sounds like a buzz saw
  • First draft of weapon type characteristics
  • Weapon damage rolls now have variation


  • Solid Foundation moved to Tier 3 Wealth
  • Interest moved to Tier 2 Wealth
  • Luck moved to Tier 1 Wealth
  • Godcaller moved to Tier 3 Annihilation
  • Diversity moved to Tier 2 Annihilation
  • Unstable Runes now properly calculate damage before exploding and produce floating damage numbers this is a buff
  • Volatile now deals 25% of weapon damage, up from 25 flat damage
  • Fury now provides 10% more bonus attack speed per stack. Damage bonus removed


  • Fixed an issue where low-tier talents could be removed while keeping the high-tier talents they unlock
  • Skill tooltips now reset properly when moved
  • Equipment and weapons should replicate properly
  • Projectiles now turn your character appropriately
  • Potential fix for movement becoming disabled
  • Changed ready button to T
  • Dropped weapons should show the proper model
  • Potential fix for loot crystals
  • Old classes removed from character creation screen
  • Projectiles are now more accurate and have better collision detection
  • Reassigned hotkeys are now saved properly
  • Boss maps work properly again
  • Fixed an issue with Rampage choosing to Ground Slam while out of range, cuz that guy needed a buff right?
  • Fixed some issues with clients getting hit twice by certain attacks
  • Collision detection against gypsies has been improved
  • Fixed some collision issues with the Spider Queen boss and projectiles
  • Enemies can no longer change targets mid-animation
  • Summons no longer can get stuck in the ground
  • Skill tooltips now function properly while other menus are open
  • Rune Mods are now usable with Spam Mode
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