Patch Notes v0.44 – New Skills

New Skills

  • Flame Dash: Dash forward, passing through enemies and projectiles. Create a wake of fire that burns enemies for 20% combined weapon damage per second and lasts for 3 seconds.
  • Lightning Bolt: Fire a bolt of lightning that damages all enemies for 150% combined weapon damage. Requires a Staff or Focus.
  • Firebolt: Cast a bolt of fire that damage a single target for 50% combined weapon damage. Requires a Staff or Focus.
  • Undying Aura: Creates an aura that applies Undying Will to you and nearby allies, increasing all resistances by 20%. Lasts until toggled off. Casts instantly and does not respect the GCD. Requires a Shield, Staff, or Focus.
  • Undying Shout: Shout and inspire nearby allies, imbuing them with Undying Will, increasing all resistances by 20% for 8 seconds.


  • Focuses can no longer roll skills that require 2-handed weapons.
  • Knockback now requires a 2-handed weapon.


  • Cyclone renamed Whirlwind
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