Patch Notes v0.45 – New Skills, Visual Improvements, Aura Indicator, Spell Weapon Damage

New Spell Effects

  • Quicken – Increases bonus attack speed by 20%
  • Empowered – Increases bonus damage by 50%

New Skills

  • Frost Shield – Grant yourself a shield of frost that increases Physical Resistance by 25% and applies 25% Chill to enemies that damage you.
  • Ice Nova – Create an ice nova on your location which damages all nearby enemies for spell weapon damage. Enemies affected by Chilled receive double damage.
  • Empowered Shout
  • Empowered Aura
  • Quicken Shout
  • Quicken Aura


  • Spells that require a Staff or Focus to use now only use these items when calculating damage. If two Focuses are equipped, their damage is added together for a more powerful spell. This damage is now referred to as “spell weapon damage” in skill descriptions.
  • Changing equipment while in combat is now disabled
  • Fixed Rampage using his special attacks too often
  • Shouts now have visual indicators


  • Town lights brightened up a bit
  • Added some random variation to shop prices
  • Elite and Boss enemies now have larger minimap icons
  • Added screen shakes to larger attacks and improved existing screen shakes on taking damage
  • Staff’s Magic Missile renamed to Fireball
  • Auras now have a visual indicator showing their range
  • Changed sound distance attenuation settings
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