Patch Notes v0.47 – Stamina Beta, Inventory Fixes, Bow Skill Buffs, Shout QoL

Stamina Beta – All characters start with a base of 100 stamina and regenerate 10 stamina per second. Dodge Rolls now consume 30 stamina and can interrupt all spell and attack animations.


  • Fixed Summon Spiders being the only skill generated on items
  • Fixed Quicken Shout and Quicken Aura giving 2000% bonus attack speed instead of 20%
  • Fixed Piercing Shot flying off in crazy directions
  • Fixed some performance issues related to inventory management
  • Fixed some sound overlap issues related to item pickups


  • Piercing Shot – Reduced mana cost from 150 to 100
  • Ice Nova Arrow – Increased damage from 50% to 75% weapon damage
  • Rooting Arrow – Increased damage from 25% to 50% weapon damage
  • Removed Dodge Roll skill

Nice Stuff

  • All shouts have their own unique visual effects now
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