Patch Notes v0.48 – Spell Effect QoL, Weapon Scaling, Hotkey Customization Fixes


  • The shop is now filterable by skill
  • Damage Rating has been separated into Melee Damage Rating and Spell Damage Rating
  • Spell effects are now reflected on the Bonus Stat Summary
  • Spell effect intensity changes now take effect immediately and are reflected on the Bonus Stat Summary
  • Spell effect tooltips are now more detailed
  • Added some color to the talent menu, updated icons for the Command tree, and added an “X” close button


  • Staff Fireball charge now only fills as quickly as you can supply mana for it
  • Sinister Flare damage reduced from 200% to 175% spell weapon damage
  • Staff Fireball damage increased from 100% to 150% weapon damage, mana cost reduced from 100 to 80 at full charge
  • All 2H weapons base average damage increased by 5
  • All weapon damage rolls now scale based on % of their base average damage instead of a flat rate. Ultimately, this is a buff for 2H damage and 1H are unaffected.
  • Leveling speed slowed a bit


  • Friends Playing might work now
  • Fixed Flame Dash not having a cooldown or mana cost
  • Fixed Grunt Master launching bombs after death
  • Hotkey customizations are no longer lost when modifying equipment
  • Auras are now deactivated if the required equipment is unequipped
  • Modifying armor during meditation no longer enables the use of skills
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