Patch Notes v0.53 – Freedom Shout, Stash, Aura Mana Cost, Command Tree Talents, On-kill XP, Leveling Speed Rebalancing


  • New Skill: Freedom Shout – Cleanses and prevents crowd control effects from you and nearby allies and increases their movement speed by 150 for the duration.
  • An account-wide stash is now available in Town near spawn
  • XP and flask charges are now gained on-kill instead of on completing an encounter
  • Auras cost mana
  • All but 1 Command Tree talents working
  • Shop skill filter sorted alphabetically
  • Network optimizations


  • Reduced equipment drop rate
  • Reduced global XP rate
  • Increased XP for bosses
  • Dramatically increased gold reward from quests
  • Rebalanced quest XP (Less earlier, more later)
  • Reduced the attack speed bonus from Blight Priests from 100% to 30%


  • Fixed Lacerating Strike’s damage not scaling as intended
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