Patch Notes v0.55 – Town Dungeon Beta, Bonus Damage and Attack Speed Mod Nerfs, Blizzard Re-Design


  • Town Dungeon beta
  • Item popups update the quantity live when picking up multiple of the same item


  • Blizzard is now a Charge-up cast that disables movement, damage increased from 30% weapon damage to up to 100% weapon damage per tick, Chill effect increased from 25% to up to 75%, mana cost increased from 100 to 200, duration increased from 5 to up to 6 seconds.
  • Nerfed Bonus Damage from 5% per level to 1% per level
  • Nerfed Attack Speed from 1% per level to .5% per level


  • Fixed a bug where items were not removed from the shop after purchasing
  • Punching volume reduced
  • Fixed a lag when picking up lots of items at once
  • Fixed Execute’s bonus damage coming out on the first hit instead of second and reduced damage from 3x to 2x for low health targets.


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