Patch Notes v0.62 – Crosshairs, Blizzard Update

New Features

  • A UI notification and sound play when your super is charged
  • Added a “Reset All Talents” button to the talent menu to help with saves that will get ruined as we tweak talents


  • Super charge rate doubled
  • Bladecrest now procs on Execute attacks
  • Bladecrest now procs while channeling Whirlwind


  • Level unlocking is now more linear and lines up with the story properly
  • Bleed VFX updated
  • Potion prompt is now more visible and animated at low health
  • Chilling Strike now plays VFX on your weapon
  • No more ragdolls on death (this was likely another cause of massive lags)


  • Fixed whirlwind movespeed shenanigans
  • Potential fix for skill lockouts
  • Fixed being able to sell things away from a merchant
  • Fixed shift-clicking not reliably selling items
  • Minions should now teleport with you
  • Bushes can no longer overpower players
  • Fixed Execute’s second hit not registering on clients
  • Piercing Shot no longer flies off in crazy directions
  • Potential fix for fog door collision
  • Bladecrest now removes itself if you don’t have the skill
  • Potential fix for massive lags when players die
  • Potential fix for training dummies not working for clients
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