Patch Notes v0.63 – Shield Block Update, New Skill: Feast, Locational Damage, Phase-In VFX, Bigger Elites

New Features

  • Shield Block Update
  • Shield blocking now uses stamina instead of mana and no longer drains while simply holding down block.
  • Damage received while blocking is resisted twice.
  • Max stamina and stamina regen stats are now available as random mods. Chest armor can now roll with a Max Stamina implicit and the value is rolled at twice the usual level. The implicit mod level is reverted to normal if you use a Twist of Fate.
  • Shield blocks that are completely negated by your stamina inflict a normal hitstun on the attacker.
  • Parrying with a shield now inflicts a long hitstun.
  • If your block is broken and the remaining damage is greater than 20% of your maximum stamina, you will suffer a long hitstun.
  • Blockbreakers
  • Troll’s overhead attack is now a “Blockbreaker”. If you attempt to block this attack with a shield, you will suffer stamina damage equal to the damage of the attack without resistances and be long hitstunned. Damage remaining after your stamina is gone is suffered through resistances. Parries will still reduce the incoming damage of Blockbreaker attacks by 25% and hitstun the attacker if they are not CC immune, but all other Blockbreaker effects are suffered normally.
  • Rampage’s Ground Slam is now a Blockbreaker.
  • Heavy Knight’s Shield Charge is now a Blockbreaker.
  • New Skill: Feast – Throw a feast for your minions. Minions will move to the location or target hit and gain increased movement and attack speed for 5 seconds after impact.
  • Headshots are now possible with charged and rapid fire arrows. Headshots increase the damage of the arrow by 100% (including any other bonuses) and play a blood VFX from the target’s head on hit. Floating damage numbers from headshots will appear larger and in bold text.
  • Standard melee attacks from behind an enemy deal 30% more damage. Floating damage numbers from back attacks will appear larger and in bold text.
  • Binder now shows a quest marker over his head when you have a quest to turn in.
  • Your equipped gear now now phases in on spawn and equipment switch.
  • Added blood splash VFX.
  • Elite enemies are now 30-40% larger.


  • Aggravating Shout
  • Mana cost increased from 100 to 150
  • Cooldown increased from 10s to 13s
  • Now increases stamina regen instead of mana regen
  • Equalized the drop rate of weapon types. (Previously, Bows and Staffs have had a disproportionately small drop rate; Shields and melee weapons had a far higher chance to drop. For example, any given drop had a 15% chance to roll as a shield, and only a 3% chance to drop as a bow. Now, any given drop has a roughly 8% chance to drop as a Bow, Shield, Staff, Focus, or Melee Weapon)
  • Enemy health scaling per additional player increased from 25% to 33%.


  • You can now hold shift to compare items equipped in both hands. Right-clicking a 1H weapon with shift held down will attempt to equip it in your offhand slot.
  • Frostbolt VFX updated
  • Ice Nova Arrow VFX updated
  • Minions will no longer aggro to loot crystals or loot chests unless you command them to with Feast.
  • Improved collision detection for all arrows.
  • Improved enemy rotation behavior.
  • Stat readout now reads Uncapped Resistance next to Capped Resistances and updates live as buffs are applied and removed.


  • Potential fix for infinite summons bug.
  • Fixed a bug with chest armor not giving as much health as the implicit stated.
  • Fixed AI losing pathing if the player jumped too high.
  • Fixed a bug where enemy health bars would not disappear for clients when they died.
  • Fixed a bug where enemy health bars would not initialize correctly for clients.
  • Fixed a bug where Sendatu’s Crown and Summon Troll Lord would show as being ready to cast when they were not.
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