Patch Notes v1.051 – New Levels, New Enemies, New Skills, Legendary Items, Lots of Improvements and Fixes

TL;DR: Go to town and get the new quest from Binder, try the new skills, find some legendary items


  • Ancient Temple is the first procedural level of Act 3
  • New Dungeon: Avatar’s Reach


For now, these enemies are exclusive to the new dungeon to limit the spread of any bugs they might introduce. They will be added to other levels soon.


  • Voltaic Thrust – Strike with your weapon for 100% primary weapon damage. Lightning strikes the target and chains to up to 5 additional targets for equal damage. Requires a Sword, Axe, Mace, or Staff.
  • Flame Slash – Charge up and strike with your weapon for 100% primary weapon damage. Target is ignited for 3 seconds for up to 100% of the hit’s damage per second based on charge amount. Requires a Sword, Axe, Mace, or Staff.
  • Leap Smash – Leap forward and smash the ground, damaging all enemies for 100% of your combined weapon damage. Requires a Sword, Axe, or Mace.
  • Crimson Rush – Quickly backstep, avoiding damage, then dash through enemies in front of you, dealing 50% of your combined weapon damage to all enemies hit. Applies a stacking Bleed to all targets for 40% of the hit per second over 5 seconds. Costs 30 Stamina. Requires a 1H or 2H Sword. (Suggested by allnewbagels)
  • Flash Dagger – Throw a dagger that deals 75% primary weapon damage, hitstuns an enemy, and teleports you behind them. Does not respect the GCD. Requires a 1H Sword, Axe, or Mace.
  • Backstab – Attempt a devastating blow on your target. Deals 100% primary weapon damage, or 400% if behind the target. If the target dies, cooldown is reset. Costs 40 Stamina. Does not respect the GCD. Requires a 1H Sword, Axe, or Mace.
  • Dual Wielding’s Execute skill has been replaced by Flurry – Rapidly attack 6 times with both weapons.


  • 4 new Legendary weapons and 3 Legendary armors are now available exclusively from the final boss of Avatar’s Reach
  • Legendary implicit mods no longer make an item Legendary, your old orange items will now be purple, but their stats will remain the same
  • Twists of Fate can can still roll legendary implicit mods, but doing so no longer makes an item Legendary


  • Items dropped from enemies now drop with all mods rolled
  • Added 4 new achievements
  • Added flight animations
  • 10 new bow models
  • Humanoid enemies now drop their weapons on death


  • Stamina is now displayed for party members
  • New HUD indicator shows if you’re in nightmare mode
  • Main menu character slots now display what class of knight you’ve become
  • Added a line to the equipment tooltip which shows any necessary requirements for the assigned skill
  • Added comparison tooltip to shop items
  • Added comparison tooltip to quest rewards
  • Binder now shows when you have new quests and quests to turn in
  • Reduced the size of the Pickup Popup by 10%


Boss health increased at higher levels


  • Updated VFX for Flamedash, Frost Shield, Kirkira’s Resolve
  • Updated icons for Fireball, Firebolt, and Whirlwind
  • Reduced the volume of Shield Slam


Kirkira’s Resolve now teleports you upward on use

Blizzard Nerf

  • Blizzard max duration reduced to 4 seconds from 5
  • Blizzard max damage reduced to 25% spell damage from 100%
  • Blizzard cooldown reduced to 15 seconds from 20

Rooting Arrow Nerf

  • Rooting Arrow cooldown increased from 12 to 16 seconds
  • Rooting Arrow mana cost increased from 75 to 150
  • Rooting Arrow damage increased from 50% weapon damage to 100%


  • Fireball max radius increased by 15%
  • Shield Slam now generates 2x threat
  • All melee strike skills now receive an attack speed bonus from dual wielding
  • Blink, Frostblink, and Thunder Step now require a Staff or Focus to use
  • Avatar of Fire, Avatar of Ice, and Avatar of Lightning no longer roll randomly on items. Items with these skills will have their skill rerolled automatically.
  • Freedom Shout renamed to Liberating Shout


  • Verndari passive for Cooldown Reduction has been replaced with Movement Speed
  • The Alcaeus talent Fighter’s Focus now requires a melee weapon equipped


  • Improved enemy AI
  • All enemies now regenerate 10% of their max health per second while out of combat
  • Rampage now has a leap attack
  • Reduced Grunt Master’s bomb AoE by 30%, updated VFX
  • Cryomancers now cleanse the Chilled effect from themselves every 2 seconds


  • Updated lighting/fog on Night and Cave maps
  • Improved collision on some rocks in Town


Default Keybindings

  • Talent Menu now defaults to T
  • Ready now defaults to Y


  • Corrected the Aggravating Shout description which stated it increased regen by 5 when it actually increases regen by 10
  • Fixed an oversight where many melee skills did not receive the 30% damage bonus from attacking a target from the back
  • Fixed a bug where punching did no damage
  • Fixed some text characters showing as ?
  • Fixed a bug where a client’s minions wouldn’t be destroyed if they removed the equipment that enabled them
  • Fixed a bug where dropped items could be duped
  • Fixed a bug where the chat window would stay open
  • Fixed a bug with staves jumping around in your hand
  • Fixed chests not blowing open on clients
  • Fixed a bug where Heavy Knights would play a loud sound effect repeatedly after dying
  • Fixed a bug where Fireflies were attacking more often than intended
  • Fixed a bug where Fireflies were immune to hitstun
  • Fixed a bug where only 1 shield model was being used
  • Fixed a bug where Course Corrections could not be used on 2H melee weapons
  • Fixed a bug where the loading screen would not be properly removed upon returning to Town
  • Fixed a bug where loot crystals could spawn multiple sets of enemies
  • Fixed a bug where you could jump while dead
  • Fixed Flame Dash not working for clients
  • Fixed a bug with the questline
  • Fixed a bug with some UI sounds not playing
  • Fixed bugs with Blink
  • Fixed some bugs with Firefly aggro and damage
  • Fixed some bugs with enemy aggro
  • Fixed a bug with enemy health bar visibility for clients
  • Fixed a bug with projectile collision in some boss encounters
  • Fixed some missing UI styling
  • Fixed hit stun animations for many enemies and summons
  • Fixed a bug where enemy projectiles wouldn’t play hit VFX and SFX
  • Potential fix for getting stuck in cave walls


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