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World Map

Use the Play button on the main menu (or the M key in game) to access new levels and acts. As you complete quests, new maps will unlock.


Your gear determines your abilities. Certain weapon types provide default attack skills, while armor grants randomly selected special abilities. You'll need to adjust your playstyle with each new piece of gear to be optimally effective.

Each piece of gear has a certain number of mod slots. White items have 1, green have 2, blue have 3, and purple have 4.

Item Rarities


By using a Runestone on a piece of equipped gear, you will randomly roll stats on the gear; 1 stat for each mod slot. These mods will roll -/+ 5 of whichever is lower, the rune level or the equipment level. Using a lower level rune than the equipment means you'll be rolling lower level mods than the gear is capable of. Using runes of an equal or higher level than your equipment means you'll get the highest level mods that equipment is capable of.

Crafting Example

Before Runestone+Runestone Icon=After Runestone

Crafting Items






You can right-click any of these items (and Runestones) to enter Spam Mode. While in spam mode, you can left-click on any piece of gear to apply the item, and continue clicking until you exit Spam Mode by either closing the menu or right-clicking the item again.

Combining Items

Some items can be combined by double-clicking them in your inventory.

2 Runestones of the same level can be combined into 1 Runestone that is one level higher.

2 of some crafting items can be combined into a more rare item:

Endeavor -> Fool's Gamble -> Twist of Fate -> Course Correction -> Crescendo

Destined Items

Everyone has their own exclusive loot drops. If you can see loot, then it's destined for you. You can press Z at any time to vacuum all of your destined items to you.

Sharing Items

You can drop items for your friends by dragging them from your inventory into the world.

Armor Types

  • Boots always roll with Movement Speed implicit mods
  • Chest Armor can roll with Max Health, Max Stamina, or Max Mana mods. The mod that an armor has on creation is rolled at twice the normal strength. This bonus is reset to normal values if a Twist of Fate is used to replace the mod.
  • Helmets always roll with a randomly selected implicit mod (does not select from mods exclusive to other weapon types).


Certain enemies you fight will also have special abilities.
  • Cryomancers will attempt to freeze all players when they spawn, be careful when you see the ray of frost over your character! Kill them quickly before they can finish the cast.
  • Volcanic Knights will cast a large, powerful nova around them. Get out of range or kill them before they can finish casting.
  • Heavy Knights are extremely tanky and immune to controlling effects like Chill and Root. They also push other, smaller enemies out of their way.
  • Other special enemies will buff their allies or be immune to crowd control effects.

Enemy Scaling

Enemies scale to the level of the player that spawns them. Enemies will also gain more health based on the number of players in a party.

Death and Resurrection

Death is not the end... when you have someone to resurrect you. Resurrect your fallen allies by getting near their corpses and holding F when the prompt appears. When the resurrection bar fills up, your ally will be back up and ready to fight. You can still attack while resurrecting.


Meditating will quickly regenerate your health, mana, and stamina (and that of any minions) while you are out of combat. Meditation disables movement. X by default.


You can heal yourself and allies in combat with your potion charges. Press 1 to heal yourself, and 2 to heal an ally you are close to (a prompt will appear when you are close enough).


Talent Menu Labeled

Every level you'll gain 1 Talent Point. Access the talent menu with T. There are 8 talent trees to invest in.

When you start your journey, you'll have access to 4 passive bonuses offered by the tree. After investing 4 points in these passives, your 5th point can be spent on a Tier 1 talent, which are more powerful, unique, passive effects.

Your 10th point in a tree can be used on a Tier 2 talent, which include exceptionally powerful passives and Super abilities.


There are 3 shops in town. One merchant carries crafting items, another sells randomly rolled equipment, and the last one sells special items called Penance and Absolution which can be used to respec your talents.

Default Keybindings

You can set your own bindings from the settings menu. You can also drag and drop your skills to different hotkeys on your hotkey bar.

Open Inventory - I
Vacuum All Items - Z
Meditate - X
Talents - T
Show Mouse - Left Alt (toggle or hold)
Options Menu - Esc
Stats - Tab (in-game)
Heal self - 1
Heal ally - 2
Toggle Lock Camera - G

Hide HUD - Numpad 9

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